From the Jam - Capital Tuesday  18 March 2008

Now that’s Entertainment !!

Two out three aint bad. And when the “two” is the rhythm section of one the UK’s most influential bands of all time, it’s time to pull out the sheckles and see if it all still works. That’d be “From the Jam “ then. 

Whilst missing the soaring arrogance of Modfather, his “illegitimates” paid tribute to the icon that is the Jam. And we did it spades. The shattering Weller Rickenbakker chords were emulated but Bruce‘s bass and Ricks drums were the real deal - still.   

Indeed on the night of 18th March 2008,  an awful lot of 40 somethings lost 20 years,  if only for 90minutes. Foxton, and Buckler put together a show that had many of us wondering what else Weller could add. That’s a debate I’ll leave to you, ‘cos regardless of line up, the lads put on a show that was tight, credible and left everyone in the crowd hoarse, singing every word of every song from “In the city” to “Tubestation”.

We had PLSC members attending gigs in Vic- SA and WA and Brenton our official “snapper” for the night did a great job of talking his way onto stage to get these crowd shots. Almost as good a job as Gaz did in Victoria getting himself  up close and personal with the band ( love your work Gaz - shameless). In a nice touch Bruce dedicated “The Gift” to Lee who was able to make it to the gig.

So,  was it the Jam ? –  the simple answer is no. But to stop at a simple answer is to miss the point because “From the Jam “ are not a cover band either. The Jam moved into their rightful place in history many years ago but last night we were privileged to be in a sweaty packed pub with an electric atmosphere. If,  through squinted eyes,  I lost 20 years, then the pub looked like the 100 Club and for one and half hours were all on Wardour St.    

It looked as if the lads enjoyed themselves as much as the punters – which was a lot. If you doubted them,  and decided to hang to your” pretty green”, then you’ve sold yourself short. If you thought it was worth a look then I am sure your trifecta came home. Either way, Bruce left us with the comment that “They’ll see us again next year”. I certainly hope so. - Nel