Met at Richard's at 9:30am in the morning for the 110km ride to Lancelin, a quiet coastal town renowned for its beaches, wind surfing, 4WD, Moto-X and cray fishing industry.  


Once everyone arrived and then Ade an hour later, we set off on what proved to be a pretty uneventful ride.  


Richard had taken his 1952 Douglas Rod for its maiden long distance voyage. We've all taken the piss out of the top speed of the Doug being 40 mph and 30 mph uphill, but it was testamount to his restoration skills that his 50 year old plus bike never missed a beat the entire weekend and made the 220km return journey without a problem (apart from numb arse). 


Once in Lancelin, it was time to pitch the tents at our caravan park which just happened to be situated next door to one of Lancelin's two pubs. Funny that. 


In any event, we decided to go the furtherest pub for a few cleansing ales, which was located smack on the beach.  


By this stage, Colin had arrived from Adelaide and won the prize for the furthest distance travelled. Pity, there wasn't a prize.


While at the pub, one of the locals spotted a 1.5m dugite not far from where we drinking. As there were kids about, the local made the decision to despatch the reptile to snake heaven. By the time we left the pub, the snake had grown to 17 foot and was a man eater. We had a camera, but that would have meant leaving the pub for the 2m walk to the beach, so we didn't bother recording the event.


Back to the caravan park for more cleansing ales. Next to the site was a large sand dune with a viewing platform overlooking the ocean and Lancelin. So the afternoon was spent drinking Australia's finest and enjoying the million dollar view. 


Evening saw us back at pub No.2 for dinner, pool and more beer.  Quite frankly, no-one within PLSC displayed anything remotely called talent in fine art of pool, which meant we got our money's worth as the games dragged on and on. First time, I've been involved in a game that ended in a draw.  After that it was back to pub No.1 and then back to the campsite for a few more beers and some tunes.


Morning broke and most were decidedly the worst for wear.  Paul Weller was still playing the next morn, as Gareth had managed to sleep with his head rammed on the CD player, but no-one could be arsed getting up to turn the mod father off.


Breakfast was had at a local cafe which fuelled the stomach for the trip home. On the way home, some of the lads had met a tourist who had a couple of Vespas in serious need of attention.  The end result being creation of Paradise Lost Restoration Services.


All in all a good run to a scenic location and an enjoyable time was had by all.