Mandurah November 2006

7 scoots went down with 9 adults and a couple of tin lids, we all had a ball as it was a beautiful weekend with 32 deg on Sat and 34 deg on Sun. 

Considering the usual never leaving on time we made the Brighton by 12.30 and got stuck into a good couple of pints before heading back to the camp site to set up the tents. 

We were made very welcome by the new owners and basically had a very large site which we ended up easily fitting all the tents on we probably could have fitted at least another 3 or 4.


Of course after such a long trip the one and only Lammy on the run needed looking at (he did come all the way from Quinn's) just a plug change and that was sorted. 

 After a refresh we wandered back down to the Brighton and partook of a couple or three more pints and watched all the beautiful people go by. 

Around 5.30ish a decision was made to head back to the camp site have a shower and get ready for the nights festivities so of we went stopping at a rather posh looking restaurant to book for dinner.


Sh.., Showered, Shaved and ready back down to the restaurant we went, half an hour after sitting down and ordering we were informed that our entrée would be another ½ hour. 

I tuned in a couple of the waitresses regarding this and not long after our meal was delivered and apart from one. 

This was never delivered and expressing our great disappointment they kindly offered to take the cost of that meal of the bill.

The oldies (sorry Tommy and Martin) a couple of the girls and the kids decided that the camp site and bed sounded like the best option, as the rinsers (Gaz & Lee) were already down at the Slug and Hare, Mark Lynn & Myself decided to see how many more pints we could drink before closing.

The rest as they say is history see photos.

With heads a little sore and mouths feeling like the bottom of a Cockatoo's cage, morning had snuck up on us far too early.

 Those that didn't head down to the Slug & Hare had no sympathy for us and before long it was time to make a move and get down to the greasy spoon and try to hold down some eggs, bacon and beans.

After fooding up we headed back to Perth on a sunny Sunday morning we had a great ride a those that cam along enjoyed themselves.