In Crowd No.1 Dec 07

Well lads n lasses, I know we’ll all agree The PLSC end of year do at the Velvet Lounge was a great nite… no, a bloody great night. I’ve got to say some HUGE thanks are needed to those who organised the do. First and foremost massive thanks goes to Ade for his effort and passion organising the night. Without him none of last night would have happened. Next, big thanks to DJ’s Ade, Tim Alan and of course Tony from Sou West Soul,  they kept a great vibe going and allowed most of us to make complete arses of ourselves, myself very much included.

Throughout the year  Si, Bolty and many other have put in their own time and effort to make this club work. No political agenda just lads, lasses and lagers and scoots…. That’s pretty much the way we started and certainly the way we intend to keep it.

Merry Christmas & all the best for 2008