This is one of the first longer distance runs to be held in Perth for many years and there was some worry as to what sort of turn out we would get. It had been raining for a number of days before hand and although it doesnít rain that often in Australia. When it dose it doesnít do it in half measures. We donít get drizzle, we get down pours.


But as the meeting time approached the scooters started to appear. Anyone who would have been part of the scooter club in Perth in the early eighties would have fond memories of starting the runís from the entertainment car park and this felt very familiar.


So with a total of 19 scooters we set of on our 100 km run to York. Now 100 kmís doesnít seam far but the Thing with Perth is once you are out of the city limits there is nothing  Just straight flat road. No houses, no services. Very few other cars. It is very strange.


The run through the suburbs went well and we picked up a few more scooters on the way. In fact just before Greenmount Hill.


Greenmount Hill is a very steep hill up and out of the Perth suburban sprawl. All the bikes made it up the hill and it was York hear we come.


We arrived at York and parked out side the Pub in the main street. Well when I say the Main Street I should also point out that it is the only Street. But the Beer was cold and it felt like were in the Wild West and had just ridden into town. York has a very old western feel to it mixed with some old British looking buildings.


After a few pints someone mentioned that one of our number hadnít turned up yet. But after a few mobile phone calls we tracked Mike down. His perfect model D had thrown a ring and had jammed tight. He was collected by Vic in the back up van and was soon in the Pub a little frustrated but there.


After locating where we where staying and me putting up my tent. It was down to the bottle shop for a few drinks. Now this was quite strange looking back as there was Adrian and I racing down the Main street no helmets without a thought of anything. I told you it was feeling like the eighties.


After many drinks and lots of putting the world to rights it was time to walk into the pub again and start the evenings festivities. I think all who attended had a very good time and all where very jolly buy the end of the night. The following morning was the same as all the Scooter runís I have been on in the UK. A glazed ride home with the thought of how did I get here when you get home.


It was a good first run and there where many plans made for More runs. The next being Bunbury in Jan 05 and the Fairbridge festival in April 05.


Big thanks to all that attended and special thanks must go to Vicky for her mothering skills. For those of you on scooters in Perth come on make the effort you will be welcome.